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Who We are

Whether you are a timeless brand competing for attention, or a new player striving to build community, Solis Creative works with you to forge memorable, hand-crafted narratives that rise above the noise, attract an audience, and connect with customers.

We are a Video Production Studio located in Atlanta, GA, with an arsenal of passionate and award-winning storytellers, filmmakers, and creative strategists. We use cinematic storytelling, authentic emotion, and innovative ideas to transform your message into compelling brand narratives and campaigns. Our creations tell immersive and irresistible stories, elevate emotional and intellectual engagement, and command both attention and action.

what we do

Authentic Stories that deliver Results

Emotional attachment

People may not remember what you say, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.  We move the heart to change the mind through emotional motivation, not just reciting facts. Our stories foster authentic connection, brand affinity, and real results.

Recurring Engagement

Our campaigns are designed to be compelling, memorable, and timely — so we keep your customers consistently informed and engaged year-round. We create content that keeps your audience coming back and asking for more.

Clear Messaging

Some ideas can feel too big to communicate. We take complex topics and get them across to your audience, in a voice consistent with your brand’s messaging. With precise, intentional, and efficient storytelling, we ensure that your message is heard loud and clear.

Innovative Storytelling

We love bold and unconventional stories, and use them to communicate with specific people groups in unique ways. Traditional messaging told with a fresh approach can revitalize an audience, inspire action, and create an energizing voice for your brand.